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Pakistan Studies
Political History of the World
Political Ideologies: Structures and Functions
Political History of Pakistan: 1947 to present
Cross Cultural Communication
Foreign Policy of Pakistan Dimensions of Modern Strategy
Introduction to Political Theory
Muslim Political Thought
Western Political Thought
Comparative Politics
Political Systems
Introduction to Public Policy
Democracy and Authoritarianism
Political Sociology
Issues of Global Development: The Role of States and Markets
The Law of Uneven Development: States and Markets
Political Modernisation and Social Change in Developing Societies
Media and Politics
Understanding Conflict and Violence
Comparative Political System of Developed Nations
Comparative Political System of Developing Nations
Islam and The West
Human Rights
Gender and Politics
Legislative and Political Development in Pakistan
Development and Underdevelopment in Pakistan
Pakistan: Issues of Poverty and Illiteracy
Military Alliances: NATO, WARSAW, Pact, etc.Regional Politico-Economic Organisations
Democratic Development
Leadership and Management
Leadership and Management
Leadership and Management
Civilisational Coexistence
Civilisational Coexistence
Politics of Disputed Borders
Politics of Aid and Trade
Theories of Ethnicity and Nationalism
Civil Society and Political Change
Peace Education
Sources and Dynamics of Political Change


Federalism and Inter-Provincial Harmony
Muslim Nationalism and Pakistan Movement
Political and Constitutional Development in Pakistan (1947 to Present)
Local Government in Pakistan
Critical Issues in Pakistan’s Foreign Policy
Political Parties and Pressure Groups in Pakistan
Public Administration in Pakistan
Political Economy of Pakistan
Pakistan: Issues of Energy and Natural Resources
Development in Pakistan: Challenges and Opportunities
Socio-Political Dimensions of Sectarianism in Pakistan
Military and Politics in Pakistan
Comparative Political System of South Asia
Comparative Political System of the Muslim World
Comparative Political System of the West
Politics of South East Asia
Politics of South Asia
Politics of North America
Politics of Latin America
International Politics of Middle East
International Politics of Gulf Region
Politics of Europe
Politics of Maghreb (North Africa, North West Africa)
Politics of India
Politics of U.S.A
Politics of U.S.A
Politics of Turkey
Politics of Turkey
Politics of China
Mafias, Narcotics and Human Trafficking Theory and Practice of Civil Resistance
Media and Social Networks in Politics
Issues in Domestic Politics
Contemporary National Issues
Migration and Immigration in International Politics Conflict Resolution
Media and Policy Making
Politics of Language and Identity
Global Civil Society